Here’s a review we got that’s in dutch! If anyone knows dutch and can translate please let us know if it’s a good review or not;) The auto translate (which we’ve included below) makes no sense, but is quite entertaining.

Who does not sag the pants off when visiting the website of The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer? “Blues That gets ya in the crotch ‘shouting the letters you meet. Then we rather hear Bruce Cockburn: “The only thing I know is That the blues got the world by the balls.” Fortunately, says the music of The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer not in terms of “cross-packing”. Tight men are, Shawn Hall and Matthew Rogers from Vancouver.

One plays the ‘ax’ (guitar) and drums and the other sings, plays bass and occasionally conjures a ‘harpoon’ (a harmonica or a ‘blues harp’) appear. The men refer to Kris Kristofferson in his version of Me and Bobby McGee “I took my harpoon out of my dirty red bandana” sings. By serving such, very nice detail to know the two Canadians initially annoyance to adjoining wonder about their pseudonyms to bend in a gentle benevolence. Oddly enough, doing very raw and rough Checkered Past designed more to me than the last album of the two Canadians related to the The Black Keys. They do on their last album a bit too much like wealth costs nothing. Two men playing with verve (or a man and a woman because even The White Stripes come in the head), tight and bald as a motto, so I should like to hear. The somewhat pinched voice of Shawn Hall is reminiscent of Sammy Llanas of BoDeans.

At no lack persuasiveness. With here and there a cover (Willie Dixon) and the fantastic Lord Are You Listening? Knowing the two men experienced studio slowly between the cracks and crevices of life to get. The songs are committed there and sing themselves at times himself again. Checkered Past, a debut as far as I know, is a very nice blue plate.